Top 5 Favorite Netflix Shows

I admit it: I watch more Netflix than, well, most things. I just get hooked on a show & before I realize, it’s dark out &, oops, time to sleep & watch more Netflix. I’m currently watching How I Met Your Mother & Barney is definitely me in another life. So for those of you who also wish to procrastinate, here are my Top 5 Favorite Netflix shows of all time. 

1.) New Girl

This is one of the first shows I ever watched when I discovered the world of Netflix & it remains a favorite. I relate to Jess so much because I am a very awkward person & I also cry & eat ice cream when any minor inconvenience occurs. 10/10 would recommend.

2.) The Office

OMG I can’t get enough of Pam & Jim. Or Dwight. Or Angela. Or Micheal for that matter. It’s one of those shows I go back to when I can’t think of anything else to watch. If you love to laugh, this one’s for you.

3.) Gossip Girl

I want to be Blair Waldorf so bad. She is so fabulous. For those of us that can’t actually afford to live in Manhattan’s Upper East Side with handsome men & preppy clothes, this is the best it gets. XOXO, Gossip Girl

4.) Shameless

This show has everything you could ever want: comedy, drama & romance. If you’ve ever grown up in a big family, you get the Gallaghers…

5.) How I Met Your Mother

I just want a relationship like Lily & Marshall. But I want to live a life like Robin. But instead I’m lying in bed watching Netflix & thinking up this blog post.

Let me know what shows you love on Netflix in the comments or on social media. I’m always looking for new reasons to take a break from adulting!



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