Chic of the Week

Happy Friday!

This week’s outfit is something I put together last minute before class, but it actually turned out cute! The top is one of my favorites because it can be worn off the shoulder or just as a regular blouse, so I can dress it up or down. I got the pants awhile ago & don’t normally like how they fit, but this day, I liked them hahaha. The shoes are from & are a super basic color & style so they can be worn with pretty much anything!

I’m actually going to California for a quick trip this weekend to watch ASU beat UCLA 😉 I’m super excited! We have a few hours before the game starts to hang out & explore so if you guys know of any cool things to do near UCLA, let me know please!

P.S. I’m also planning a few photo shoots here soon hopefully, so you guys can start seeing cool pictures instead of these boring layouts!

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