Chic of the Week

Happy Friday!

This week’s Chic of the Week is super casual & perfect for errands or a casual day with friends. I didn’t even need makeup to finish this look! I went to a new restaurant & got my nails done with my roommates on Monday since we didn’t have school. If you’re ever in Scottsdale, I definitely recommend Farm & Craft! It was so delicious & they offer a lot of great vegetarian/vegan options, which I love because that can be hard to find.

The top is a black turtleneck from who-knows-where. I actually got it from my grandma (proof that I’m 20 going on 60) because she practically had one in every color of the rainbow! I get a lot  of questions about it though, so who’s the real winner here… 😉 The pants are LC Lauren Conrad & the shoes are from Forever21. I talked about them in last week’s post as well. I got the sunglasses awhile ago when aviators were really in. (Are they still?)

I’ll be spending the rest of my weekend in bed recovering from the flu :/ not how I wanted to spend my 20th birthday!! But this year is all about being positive, so I’m going to make the most of it & plan something really epic for when I feel better!

P.S. I don’t really love wine, but I love pizza.


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