Chic of the Week

Hi all.

As you guys know, I turned 20 on Sunday! My quarter-life crisis has finally hit. (I say that like it’s a good thing? It’s not.) I went to brunch with my roommates at another cute place in Scottsdale. My inner foodie is so excited because I’m knocking off so many places on my food bucket list.

I paired a sheer LC Lauren Conrad peasant top with my denim dress (that has pockets!) & my new pink boots from Charlotte Russe. You can find the link to them here. I was afraid I might look like a pilgrim, but I actually pulled it off! I love when an outfit vision comes together in real life. This look is really popular right now & can be pulled off with anything in your closet! Just pair a peplum or peasant top with a dress or overalls & you’re set! Coming up with new ways to wear things that you already own is so rewarding. You feel like an actual stylist.

I think it might be a bad sign for my 20th year of life, but I ordered over-priced french toast & it was so good, so I got a to-go box & then set it down outside when we were taking pictures & didn’t remember until we had already left! :/ I was so sad. I didn’t think memory loss would hit until later in life, but here I am at 20 years old already forgetting things.

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