My Skincare Journey

Hey guys! 

Today I’m going to be talking about my skincare journey. This post is honestly a long time coming, but someone recently commented on my skin & said it “looks really good.” That was the best compliment ever tbh, because my skin has never been great. Skin is truly something I have struggled with for so long, & I know that I’m not alone with that. So I’m very excited to share my skincare story & next week I’ll share the products & things that work for me! 

I feel obligated to say this, but what works for me will not necessarily work for everyone else. Everyone’s skin is so, so different so the first thing I’m even going to recommend is to visit a dermatologist. I think I was in my freshman year of high school or somewhere around there, when my parents recommend I go see a dermatologist. At first I was embarrassed that my skin was even that bad. But looking back, I honestly wish I’d gone sooner! Getting a professionals opinion & taking strong topical medications to get my skin under control was truly the first step in my little skincare journey & I have no shame admitting that! 

With that being said, I’ve struggled with acne for a long time now. I think I really started to become conscious of it in about 7th grade. (Thank u, puberty.) I had just started to wear makeup, but obviously didn’t know the first thing about actually making it look good & had never really had to have a skincare routine. I tried the typical Clean & Clear & all the Walmart skincare stuff, but nothing seemed to help, only aggravate it worse. I was already desperate & poor me had NO idea it was only the beginning of this long, hard, process to clear skin. 

I tried everything for good skin. I would get on Pinterest (probably where my obsession began) & would search everything to do with skin. I’d read countless articles telling me to drink water, eat well, wash my sheets, get enough sleep. Anyone with rough skin knows that “drink more water” is the most annoying thing to hear. Listen, I’m peeing every five minutes & still have acne so….. 

The most ridiculous thing was that I read apples were really good for skin, so I’d have make sure to have at least one apple a day in the hopes that it would clear up my skin for good. I also had an obsession with lemon water that didn’t clear up my skin, but did give me a cavity. I tried to avoid sweets because I knew that sugar wasn’t the best for acne. I hated drinking milk because dairy isn’t so great for skin either. (It tastes nasty too, but that’s besides the point.) I was just too conscious about what I was putting into my body hoping it would help in some way, but instead I just missed out on a lot of good brownies. 

I’ll never forget one time I had a sleepover at someone’s house & there were a bunch of girls there & we were getting ready for bed. They all just put on their pjs & I’m in the bathroom for like 15 minutes doing an extensive, intense skincare routine. One girl actually came & asked if I was okay. Girl, NO. My skin isn’t CleAr. hahah. Looking back, it was not the only time where I was so jealous of girls with perfect skin & no skincare routine, but also just so frustrated that all the time I spent focused on my skin wasn’t doing a darn thing.

I credit my good skin now to a few things. One, my dermatologist. She immediately put me on topical medication & pills to help. The combination of the pills & prescription creams really gave me a solid base to work on. I was at the point where typical acne washes weren’t going to help. I was desperate to try anything, so I wasn’t even mad about all of the creams I had goin’ on! Two, diet. I went vegan about a year & a half ago & I think it has actually helped a lot. Eating cleaner has helped me feel better & helped my skin. Three, patience. This is by far the hardest one if you’re anything like me. This journey has seriously been yearssss long. I mean, I was in middle school when it all started. High school was definitely the peak of it all, & my skin continues to improve. 

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not very patient. I want instant results & instant gratification. If I start something, I want to finish it, & finish it well. So if there is anyone who would want a quick fix, it’s me. Well, I got a rude awakening when I was told I wouldn’t have perfect skin overnight. It was so frustrating. But I wanted to share this part of me because it’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time & I have always been self conscious about.

I finally feel like I’m at the point where I’m happy with my skin. Sure, I do get the occasional breakout & I have trouble spots like anyone else & I have a strong skincare routine & make sure to never go to bed without my night creams on. But for the most part, I am a clear QUEEN. It’s not easy for me to be vulnerable & share a photo of when my skin was at it’s worst. But I can truly say this journey has helped me grow so much as a person & realize that looks aren’t all that important, but being healthy, happy, & confident, is. 

2 thoughts on “My Skincare Journey

  1. Joyce Ravenscraft May 22, 2019 / 7:15 am

    I was so touched by your blog and sympathize completely because I had the same journey. The only positive thing Is that you will not wrinkle badly like those girls who have the porcelain skin now! You sound quite mature with your final analysis! Love, Grandma R.

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