Dip Nails

Hiii guys! 

I have recently been getting dip polish because I heard about all the hype & got really curious! I decided to do a whole post about my experience with them & tell you guys more about it because I know I had so many questions when I first got them! I’ve had them for about 3 months now, so I thought that was enough time to test them out & see if it’s reallyyyy worth it. 

For starters, dip powder is supposed to be healthier for your nail. I went through a phase freshman year of getting acrylics & they really messed up my natural nail for awhile. And all throughout high school my mom & I would do “mani Monday” so my nails have been through a LOT. hahah. I have noticed that my nails are strong & long & don’t break as easily.

Second, dip powder doesn’t require a UV light to dry, which I think is a bonus because we all know that isn’t the healthiest, & it also takes a minute to dry! Dip is instant dry which I love because I don’t have the time & patience to wait for them to dry any other way hahah.

Another benefit that some people might really like is there is no oder! If only there was a way to do this at home because I remember the smell always really bothered my brothers & dad. Must be a dude thing lol. But seriously, it can get strong & annoying so that’s another bonus in my book! 

Also, dip nail polish is easy to remove! I never want to go & pay money to have my polish removed so I’ll always try to do it at home & spend an hour scrubbing my nails & end up ruining them. Dip nails just need to be soaked in 100% acetone for 10-15 minutes! I suggest wrapping the tips in tin foil to help them really soak. 

Overall, I have not noticed a HUGE difference in my nails since getting dip. It is slightly more expensive than gel, maybe by about $10. I do like think that my nails are healthier & I can remove them easily at home if I want. But do I think it’s worth the extra money? Honestly no. 

Hope this helps answer some questions you guys might have! I’m definitely no professional, but I’ve tried pretty much every nail technique out there, so in some way, yeah I’m an experienced pro. 

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