LA Recap

Hi guys!

I just got back from a super fun trip to Chicago!! Lauren & I decided to spontaneously go because we had a three day weekend & it was the best idea ever! It was so cold but so worth it. Earlier this year though, I took a trip to LA with my brother & his girlfriend & I wanted to do a quick recap! I know I’m behind on trips, but I have another one coming up in March, so I thought I better get started!

Where we Stayed 

We stayed in Redondo Beach, which is kind of a suburb of Los Angeles. We stayed at the Redondo Beach Hotel, & had the best view of the ocean. It was a cute little place that was a great place to crash at the end of the night.

Where we Ate

For dinner one of the nights, we tried Cafe Gratitude in Santa Monica! For my AZ friends, it was a lot like Flower Child! Really good food, great vibes, service & prices. All of the dishes were vegan & it was so great to go somewhere & have so many options. Even my brother, who isn’t vegan, loved the food. 10/10 recommend. I also suggest having a beach picnic! We just went to a local Whole Foods & got some snacks & wine & it was so relaxing. 

Where we Caffeinated 

Whenever I travel someplace new, I want to try as many local coffee shops as possible. One that I HAD to try was Alfred Coffee & Tea House. It’s kinda confusing because there are multiple locations, but they are all cute so & yummy so you can’t go wrong. I got an oat milk latte & I’m addicted now! 

What we Did

We were only there for a few days so we had to make the most of our time! We drove so we had a car which was really helpful because it’s such a big place, it’s hard to walk everywhere. We walked around Melrose, with all the famous shops. We saw Paul Smiths Pink Wall, & stopped in Glossier. Such a fun experience! We also drove to the top of the Griffith Observatory! Pro tip! It’s kind of a hike up, so I suggest wearing comfy shoes & leaving time to walk, but also spend time at the top. We took a little detour to Venice Beach on the way home. Also such a fun place. I got a photo in front of the iconic Venice sign! It’s definitely a place you could spend a whole day, so I think I have to go back just for that. We hit up Hollywood, & I’m going to be honest, it was underwhelming. There wasn’t much to do in actual Hollywood, but it is fun to walk around & experience it.

I think that’s it! I should’ve written this post like, a month ago, but better late than never! Be on the lookout for a Chicago recap coming soon! 

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