Outfit of the Week + 12 Things!

Hiii guys!

It’s been SO Long since I’ve made a post on here. I didn’t go MIA on purpose, but life just got really busy & weird & I stopped making time to write. But I decided to start back up with an outfit of the week (cozy quarantine edition) & also fill you all in on my life! A lot has happened in these past couple months!

I got the cutest pink lounge set from Fabletics for my April order & I’m obsessed. Not only is the color so on brand for me & literally matches everything in my apartment, but it’s so cozy & cute. It’s also part of their eco-friendly collection & is made with a company that transforms recycled plastic bottles into fiber! I have been wanting to buy cute lounge sets to make myself feel a little more put together while working from home, & this set is perfect. I also like the sleeves because I like to keep my place cold during the day. Only way I don’t take a bunch of naps! I’ve linked the set down below! It is true to size & I ordered an XS.

Okay so life update!

12 Things

  1. I realized the last time I posted was after my girl’s trip to Chicago! I went to New Orleans for senior year spring break back in March & will have a travel post up soon with all the things to see + do.
  2. I graduate from college on Monday 😦 It is so bittersweet. I’m sad about not having a traditional graduation, but my friends & I are going to make it fun. Graduating college is a HUGE deal & I honestly never thought I’d make it this far hahah #ForksUpForever
  3. I’ve been getting a lot of collaborations on Instagram & it’s so fun! Another reason I’ve neglected writing is because Instagram has been poppin’ off! But I realized that writing is my real passion & the reason my Instagram has grown. Can’t forget where you came from!
  4. I got a dream collab with Mapiful! They make the cutest personalized maps & they are the perfect home décor piece. I ordered one when I moved into my apartment & just got one for my brother with his college town. They make the perfect gift too! Just in time for Mother’s Day. P.S. NOT an ad BUT they are having a deal on their site for 50% off the second print…
  5. Speaking of social I am OBSESSED with Tik Tok. My screen time for Tik Tok alone is probably 5 hours a day lol growing up as a dancer, I really appreciate the dances & have so much fun making them. They are a lot of hard work though!!
  6. I’ve been exercising outside more since my gym is closed & I love it! Since being in college & living in a city, I’ve become more of a treadmill runner & gym user, but I forgot how much I love running outside & enjoying nature. There is something so peaceful about it! So much less pressure & no gymtimidation being outside. Even when my gym opens back up, I’m probably going to try to still take walks outside.
  7. I’ve been doing more reading recently now that I have time & have been stuck at home & I highly recommend getting a Kindle! It’s so convenient & easy to get a bunch of different titles & keep them until you’re ready to read.
  8. I’ve also been watching SO much Netflix. A couple things I recommend: New Girl ( I am almost done watching it for the second time all the way through), Narcos, comedy shows & The Morning Show (on Apple TV but still super good & entertaining!)
  9. My best friend moved to Seattle to start a new job & I’m so sad! But it’s been fun to start new traditions & we still talk all the time but I miss having her around!
  10. A product I’ve been loving recently is the Isle of Paradise self tanning drops! I was hesitant to get them because they’re kinda pricey, but the bottle lasts a long time & works really well. I haven’t been wearing makeup a lot since being at home so the drops give my face some color & glow.
  11. Working from home has been such an adjustment & honestly a really great thing for me. I’ve always dreamed of blogging full-time & (someday) being a stay-at-home mom, but I’ve learned that I do actually need social interaction & might not be as introverted as I think I am! I miss going out on Friday nights, Target trips, dinner with friends, brunch with my mom & generally just being out & about!
  12. I made a green smoothie for the first time yesterday because I just wanted to see what all the hype is about & because hot girl summer is NOT canceled & I’d have to say… I’ll stick with my smoothie bowls & salad on the side please hahah if you have a great green smoothie recipe, please send it my way! Trying to perfect the juice.

That’s it for now! It feels so good to be writing again & I’m going to start posting more regularly so be on the lookout for some content.

Consciously Cute 2-Piece Outfit

*Sponsored by Fabletics


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