Dip Nails

Hiii guys! 

I have recently been getting dip polish because I heard about all the hype & got really curious! I decided to do a whole post about my experience with them & tell you guys more about it because I know I had so many questions when I first got them! I’ve had them for about 3 months now, so I thought that was enough time to test them out & see if it’s reallyyyy worth it. 

For starters, dip powder is supposed to be healthier for your nail. I went through a phase freshman year of getting acrylics & they really messed up my natural nail for awhile. And all throughout high school my mom & I would do “mani Monday” so my nails have been through a LOT. hahah. I have noticed that my nails are strong & long & don’t break as easily.

Second, dip powder doesn’t require a UV light to dry, which I think is a bonus because we all know that isn’t the healthiest, & it also takes a minute to dry! Dip is instant dry which I love because I don’t have the time & patience to wait for them to dry any other way hahah.

Another benefit that some people might really like is there is no oder! If only there was a way to do this at home because I remember the smell always really bothered my brothers & dad. Must be a dude thing lol. But seriously, it can get strong & annoying so that’s another bonus in my book! 

Also, dip nail polish is easy to remove! I never want to go & pay money to have my polish removed so I’ll always try to do it at home & spend an hour scrubbing my nails & end up ruining them. Dip nails just need to be soaked in 100% acetone for 10-15 minutes! I suggest wrapping the tips in tin foil to help them really soak. 

Overall, I have not noticed a HUGE difference in my nails since getting dip. It is slightly more expensive than gel, maybe by about $10. I do like think that my nails are healthier & I can remove them easily at home if I want. But do I think it’s worth the extra money? Honestly no. 

Hope this helps answer some questions you guys might have! I’m definitely no professional, but I’ve tried pretty much every nail technique out there, so in some way, yeah I’m an experienced pro. 

My Fav Skincare Products

Hey guys!

This post is going to be the second part of my little skincare journey post. If you haven’t already, go check out my  first post where I talk all about my struggle with acne. I really open up about how much it affected my daily life. That might sound dramatic, but skin is such a huge part of our lives, & when it doesn’t look good, it can make you not feel good.

This post is going to be the fun post where I share the products that work for me! They are truly dermatologist recommended & have definitely helped my skin clear up. I have to be honest that I also take medication to help my skin, so it’s not all topical. But I played around with a lot of different creams & washes & this is what works for me so I’m sticking to it! 

First, I have to say, nail down a skincare routine & don’t skip a day! This is especially important when you’re first trying to heal up your skin. It’s going to take a long time & be a process. Unfortunately, there’s no overnight cure for acne which SUCKS. But nailing down a routine filled with products that are just right for your skin type & issues is so important & the first step to really feeling confident with your skin. I am a firm believer in a skincare routine & have successfully gotten a few people to actually adopt one! I am that friend that will yell at you if you fall asleep with makeup on hahah


Step 1: Cleanse skin, Panoxyl 

This stuff is amazing! I have tried a ton of face washes along this journey & so far this one has delivered the best results! It comes in maximum strength & daily control, & I usually just use the daily control, which has 4% benzoyl peroxide because it really dries out my skin.

Step 2: Toner, Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner

Okay, so this step isn’t necessary, but I feel like it takes off a lot of extra makeup & just smooths my skin overall. Kinda like a double cleanse. I am always SHOCKED at how much makeup hasn’t been removed after using a makeup wipe & cleansing. 

Step 3: Double cleanse, Garnier SKINACTIVE Micellar Cleansing Water

So you’ve probably heard about this stuff & how amazing it is so I won’t get into it! But I wasn’t so sure when I first heard about it, but it helps take off any remaining makeup & refresh my skin. I usually use this around my eyes because my mascara always takes forever to come off (yay for waterproof mascara).

Step 4: Moisturize, Differen Adapalene Gel

This is another product I swear by! I don’t really like heavy face creams so this one is perfect because it’s a gel! This also comes in other strengths & I usually just get what I can find at the store hahah

Step 5: Spot treat, Clean & Clear Advantage 3-in-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

I use this product once a week for its actual purpose because it’s very drying for my skin! But because of that, it’s great for spot treatment because it dries up pimples overnight! 


Step 1: Cleanse, Garnier SKINACTIVE Micellar Cleansing Water

I use this again in the AM to just refresh & cleanse my skin.

Step 2: Double cleanse, Panoxyl

I use this stuff twice a day! 

Step 3: Hydrate + SPF, AMBI

This stuff is dermatologist recommended to help get rid of acne scars & dark spots, of which I used to have a lot! This has an SPF built into it, which I love as well because I’m always protected! It goes without saying, but a good face sunscreen is a must to any skincare routine!! This product has a special formula for oily skin, so I usually opt for that one cuz ya’ girl has a shiny face. 

Those are the products that are tried & true by me! I have been using most of them for a couple of years now, so I’m sure they work & I like the results! Just a reminder that healing your skin is a long process & even now I obviously still break out & am working to be comfortable in my skin no matter what. But a skincare routine with products you love is a great place to start 🙂

My Skincare Journey

Hey guys! 

Today I’m going to be talking about my skincare journey. This post is honestly a long time coming, but someone recently commented on my skin & said it “looks really good.” That was the best compliment ever tbh, because my skin has never been great. Skin is truly something I have struggled with for so long, & I know that I’m not alone with that. So I’m very excited to share my skincare story & next week I’ll share the products & things that work for me! 

I feel obligated to say this, but what works for me will not necessarily work for everyone else. Everyone’s skin is so, so different so the first thing I’m even going to recommend is to visit a dermatologist. I think I was in my freshman year of high school or somewhere around there, when my parents recommend I go see a dermatologist. At first I was embarrassed that my skin was even that bad. But looking back, I honestly wish I’d gone sooner! Getting a professionals opinion & taking strong topical medications to get my skin under control was truly the first step in my little skincare journey & I have no shame admitting that! 

With that being said, I’ve struggled with acne for a long time now. I think I really started to become conscious of it in about 7th grade. (Thank u, puberty.) I had just started to wear makeup, but obviously didn’t know the first thing about actually making it look good & had never really had to have a skincare routine. I tried the typical Clean & Clear & all the Walmart skincare stuff, but nothing seemed to help, only aggravate it worse. I was already desperate & poor me had NO idea it was only the beginning of this long, hard, process to clear skin. 

I tried everything for good skin. I would get on Pinterest (probably where my obsession began) & would search everything to do with skin. I’d read countless articles telling me to drink water, eat well, wash my sheets, get enough sleep. Anyone with rough skin knows that “drink more water” is the most annoying thing to hear. Listen, I’m peeing every five minutes & still have acne so….. 

The most ridiculous thing was that I read apples were really good for skin, so I’d have make sure to have at least one apple a day in the hopes that it would clear up my skin for good. I also had an obsession with lemon water that didn’t clear up my skin, but did give me a cavity. I tried to avoid sweets because I knew that sugar wasn’t the best for acne. I hated drinking milk because dairy isn’t so great for skin either. (It tastes nasty too, but that’s besides the point.) I was just too conscious about what I was putting into my body hoping it would help in some way, but instead I just missed out on a lot of good brownies. 

I’ll never forget one time I had a sleepover at someone’s house & there were a bunch of girls there & we were getting ready for bed. They all just put on their pjs & I’m in the bathroom for like 15 minutes doing an extensive, intense skincare routine. One girl actually came & asked if I was okay. Girl, NO. My skin isn’t CleAr. hahah. Looking back, it was not the only time where I was so jealous of girls with perfect skin & no skincare routine, but also just so frustrated that all the time I spent focused on my skin wasn’t doing a darn thing.

I credit my good skin now to a few things. One, my dermatologist. She immediately put me on topical medication & pills to help. The combination of the pills & prescription creams really gave me a solid base to work on. I was at the point where typical acne washes weren’t going to help. I was desperate to try anything, so I wasn’t even mad about all of the creams I had goin’ on! Two, diet. I went vegan about a year & a half ago & I think it has actually helped a lot. Eating cleaner has helped me feel better & helped my skin. Three, patience. This is by far the hardest one if you’re anything like me. This journey has seriously been yearssss long. I mean, I was in middle school when it all started. High school was definitely the peak of it all, & my skin continues to improve. 

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not very patient. I want instant results & instant gratification. If I start something, I want to finish it, & finish it well. So if there is anyone who would want a quick fix, it’s me. Well, I got a rude awakening when I was told I wouldn’t have perfect skin overnight. It was so frustrating. But I wanted to share this part of me because it’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time & I have always been self conscious about.

I finally feel like I’m at the point where I’m happy with my skin. Sure, I do get the occasional breakout & I have trouble spots like anyone else & I have a strong skincare routine & make sure to never go to bed without my night creams on. But for the most part, I am a clear QUEEN. It’s not easy for me to be vulnerable & share a photo of when my skin was at it’s worst. But I can truly say this journey has helped me grow so much as a person & realize that looks aren’t all that important, but being healthy, happy, & confident, is. 

MyClarins Vegan Skincare Review

Hi guys!

Today I’m comin’ at you with a beauty post! I feel like it’s been a minute since I’ve written one of these, but I tried out some new products & thought I would share! I worked with MyClarins to try out their new vegan skincare line & lemme tell you, I’m obsessed. For one, their packaging & aesthetic is amazing. Very minimalistic & cute. They sent me tiny samples & I’m so happy because I’m always needing mini beauty items for when I travel! 

My favorite product in the new line is the micellar water or hydrating cream. I have become a HUGE fan of micellar water because it helps get all of my makeup off. I’ll actually use it in the morning right after waking up to refresh my skin, but a lot of times there’s still leftover makeup from the day before, & that’s after cleansing & using toner before bed. (Trust me, ya girl needs her night creams). The hydrating cream feels so light on my skin & I like it for when I just want light protection throughout the day if I’m just hangin out. I always use my SPF on days I’m out & about or going to be outside at all, period! They also have a purifying gel cleanser, hydrating mist & sleep mask. The mist is so refreshing & I like to use it to finish off my makeup look, or even a bare face day. My friend tried the sleep mask & said her skin felt sooo soft the next morning. All of the products smell amazing as well, which is a super plus! 

You can find all these products online at clarinsusa.com or at Ulta!

*Post in collaboration with MyClarins. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation & Concealer Review

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I’m currently on Fall Break from school, so I decided to do another casual beauty review. My last one was superrrr popular! I think I got the most likes ever on that blog post! Today I’ll be talking about the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation & concealer. I’m really not much of a foundation gal, but this one is really light & doesn’t feel caked on. I hate feeling like I’m wearing tons of makeup. The concealer is great too & doesn’t crease, which is SO important to me. As long as it lasts all day, brightens up my eyes & kinda hides the bags under my eyes, it’s a good concealer! The Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème does all of those things & pairs really well with the foundation. You get full coverage, but nothing crazy ridiculous. 10/10 would recommend…

*Sponsored by Influenster. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

My Favorite Foundation + Primer

I am so excited for today’s post! I am sharing my favorite primer & foundation from Covergirl. I have seriously worn Covergirl since I started wearing makeup in like, 8th grade. It is high quality, but inexpensive! I was sent these products by Influenster in exchange for some posts & I couldn’t be happier! I normally don’t wear foundation (swear by BB cream), but I gave this one a shot & actually liked it! It’s not too heavy & has all day coverage which is a MUST for me. The primer has become my go-to. Primer is so important in order to make your makeup go on smoothly & leave a nice finish, but I hadn’t found one that I really loved & found to work. But this one goes on smooth & clears redness, which I need. The truBLEND Base Business Face Primer & truBLEND Matte Made Foundation Liquid Foundation are the perfect pair!! 🙂 Available wherever Covergirl is sold. 

*Sponsored by Influenster. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

How to get that Summer Glow

Hi Guys! 

I wanted to share my essentials for getting that summer glow! I have been getting so many compliments on my tan & I want to share what I do so you guys can glow & thrive 🙂 

First things first, WEAR SUNSCREEN. My absolute favorite is Hawaiian Tropics. It smells like coconuts & has a slight shimmer. It’s a light formula, so I never feel sticky! Fun fact: I hated wearing sunscreen as a kid because I didn’t like the smell & gross feel of it! I have linked the exact one that I use & it’s perfect. It has just enough to protection for my skin, but allows me to soak up the sunshine to get a tan. 

After I put on sunscreen, I lather on the tanning oil. I like to use Banana Boat Protective Tanning Oil. It contains sunscreen as well, so there is some protection. 

To be honest, I’ve always had an on/off relationship with tanning. When I was in high school, all I wanted was to be DARK no matter what it took. I was a lifeguard & then spent time tanning even on my days off. I probably didn’t always take precautions like I should of because I was so focused on just getting tan. I have thought about getting spray tans, but they seem like so much maintenance. But I have finally realized the importance of sunscreen & don’t go tanning without it! Being tan is amazing, but not at the expense of your health! 

Do you get spray tans, or like to tan naturally? Let me know in the comments or DM on social! I’m really curious about spray tans & the cost/maintenance of them, so please let me know!!

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New Beauty at Target

This is such an exciting post! I accidentally posted it last Monday too, but I wanted to edit it with the links to the products for you guys. I received a FREE box with some new beauty items from Target. And if you know me, you know I love Target. I spent all weekend testing out the products so I could share them with you guys!

The first thing I tried was the Crest Gum Detoxify toothpaste. It was a mini size so I brought it with me on spring break (have you guys seen the video??). It has a super minty taste, but nothing super special. I just liked the size of it!

The second product I tried was the Olay Whip. It says it helps with wrinkles & I’m not too concerned about that, but it was super light & my face felt firmer after just one use! I really like light moisturizers so this was a win.

I usually use disposable razors because they offer the best shave, but the Venus Platinum Razor  has a super sturdy handle & my skin felt so smooth after I used it! I think I’m gonna ditch the disposable ones & start using this.

The last product was definitely my favorite. My hair tends to be oily & it lacks volume a lot of the time. I have never found a good conditioner that didn’t weigh my hair down, but the Pantene Foam Conditioner  was so good! And it was really easy & fun to use because it has a pump so I didn’t end up pouring more than I needed (is it just me or does that happen all the time with conditioner??).

All these products can be found at Target & on target.com. 10/10 recommend them all.

I love doing review posts for you guys & testing out products. Would you want to see more product reviews? Let me know in the comments or DM me!

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*thank you to Influenster for this box!

Garnier Fructis 1 Minute Hair Mask

I haven’t done a beauty post in awhile so I thought it was about time! I actually received this product complimentary of Garnier Fructis and Influenster to test out & then tell you guys about! I was so excited when I received the email saying I was being sent a product to test & talk about because I feel like I’ve finally made it in the blogging world haha.

But for reals, I have actually used Garnier products since I was in high school & started taking care of my hair. In high school I never cut my hair, only had it trimmed, & I straightened it almost every day & wore a high ponytail for cheer… basically my hair went through a lot. I started experimenting with different hair masks to keep my hair from looking too dead. The only problem with most hair masks is they take a long time to apply & who has time to sit for 10-45 minutes while a hair mask fixes all your problems? No one. So that’s why I love that the Garnier Fructis Smoothing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask literally only takes a minute to apply & do its magic! I can also tell a difference in the texture of my hair after applying it – it’s always so soft! I usually swap this mask out for my regular conditioner once or twice a week.

There are many different kinds of the mask depending on what your hair needs most. My hair tends to be frizzy, so this smoothing mask helps calm it down & keep it sleek.

Do you guys like product reviews? Let me know in the comments or DM me on social media!

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Tanning Essentials

It is finally June which means there’s no denying it’s officially summer time. If you’re anything like me, you’re dreading the heat, but looking forward to the dark glow you’ll have come September.

I used to spend my summer days lying out baking. Because of that, I have plenty of tips & essentials that are necessary to survive a day of sunning. I still use a lot of these products when I’m at the beach or hanging poolside with friends, even though I’ve switched to the less natural, yet safer, version of tanning. You can find the perfect self tanner here. 

The first, most important item, is sunscreen. I used to avoid wearing sunscreen if I was going to be around people because some don’t smell good at all. But I found the perfect high SPF sunscreen that doesn’t smell & it has been a lifesaver. I use Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen in SPF 30, and it can be found at most drugstores. When tanning, it is important to have some protection, so an SPF of 30 protects your skin, but doesn’t take away from that color!

After liberally applying sunblock, I put on Banana Boat Protective Spray Oil. It’s a tanning oil that has shine & aids in a quicker tan, but also offers some protection from those rays.

To protect my face from the sun, I wear a hat. Function & fashion. Shop my cute picks here:

Women’s Braided Sun hat with Chiffon Scarf

Pom Pom Straw Hat

Can’t forget about the eyes. I dig cat eye sunglasses. My favorites here. 

Once you’re fully protected from the sun & ready to relax, put on some music & grab a book or magazine. Tanning is the perfect excuse to binge read Vogue or finish that book that’s been on your nightstand for 3 months. For some ideas of what to read, check out my article here. 

And of course, any time you are going to be out in the sun, drink water! Lemon slices & umbrella  straw optional…

Happy tanning!

P.S.A. I realize you need to have a WordPress account to comment on articles, so if you don’t have an account, feel free to comment on my social media or DM me! I’d love to talk with y’all & hear what you have to say.