2017 Wrapping Theme

Hey guys!!

I feel like it’s been awhile, but it’s only been a week… I don’t know if you noticed, but I didn’t have a Chic of the Week on Friday because I was up north visiting Jacob & just enjoying my time up there so my bad :/ but I have a new piece to show this week, so make sure to check back Friday 😉

Today’s post is all about my wrapping theme this year. And yes, every year I use a new wrapping paper because why not?? Last year I did the old-fashioned look with brown paper & it looked very classy, but this year I wanted to be more fun! My mom always goes & stocks up on wrapping at end of Christmas sales so it comes in handy a year later when I’m trying to jazz up my presents (see what I did there lol).

I am actually not too bad at wrapping, but I know to some people it’s like trying to make origami. But don’t worry; you can still make things look good in bags! Just color coordinate those cheap paper bags that are like $1 at the store & throw in some colorful tissue paper with a personalized note & BANG. It looks like you know what you’re doing.

But if you want to get fancy & actually try to wrap, you’ll just need scissors, tape, a sharpie, Christmasy wrapping paper, & a bow is optional. I won’t walk you through how to actually wrap because I’m just not that advanced. That’s what YouTube is for. But I hope this was inspirational & all your gifts are Instagrammable 😉

I know this has nothing to do with this post, but something I really wanna know: Do you or your family have a theme tree or is it just a bunch of different ornaments that have some sort of meaning?? Let me know in the comments or DM me on social media because I just have to know. My family doesn’t do a theme tree & I can’t decide what kind of tree I want to have when I have my own house. Prettty or full of memories? The struggle is real.