22 Things I’ve Learned at 22

Hiiii. Helloooo. I’m back!! 

I took a very long, somewhat unexpected break from writing. It was the end of the semester & the holidays & all of the typical excuses that I have. BUT I’m back & I’m going to be more consistent! Because this is the year we hustle & do what we gotta do. Get it done. 

In case you didn’t know, I turned 22 last month!! On January 21st I turned 22 & I listened to Taylor Swift on repeat that day. Let me tell you, I might’ve blasted that song when I was 14, but it actually really relates to a now 22-year-old. I’m glad to know that even T-Swift herself feels the same way I do about being 22 – “Happy, free, confused & lonely.” 

With that being said, I decided to write up some things and life lessons I have learned at 22 years old.  I did a post like this last year when I turned 21, & it’s so much fun to look back on & reflect about all I have learned & how much I’ve changed. 

1.) Learn to say no

This is sooo hard for me because I am such a YES kinda person! I am enthusiastic & always super excited to try new things, see new places, all that stuff. But, I tend to overwhelm myself. This year, I’m challenging myself to say no, & forget about the FOMO or letting people down. I want to give 110% to whatever I do, whether that’s a work project or being able to give my full attention to someone on a coffee date, I don’t want to be too stressed with all the yes’s. 

2.) Get out of your comfort zone

I told myself that 2020 was the year I won’t let fear get in the way. Some things seem super scary, uncomfortable, awkward, hard, whatever, but it usually ends up being fun, enjoyable & if all else fails, a learning experience.

3.) Book the flight & figure it out later

I have booked 2 flights in the past 2 months just because. I never thought I’d be one to just book a flight to some random place because I want to, but here I am a couple weeks out from trip one, & I’m so excited!!

4.) Be reckless, but responsible

Book the flight, but make sure you have enough money first. Basically. 

5.) Do what you can to help the environment

It can seem so impossible to have an impact on something as big as the environment – the very thing we live in. But, making small changes like using metal straws, reusable grocery bags, walking places instead of driving, going vegan ( 😉 )… If everyone does what little they can, it will make a big difference. 

6.) A job you love is so important

They say you’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do. Which isn’t true because there are definitely some days I don’t want to get out of bed & go to work even though I find it fun, rewarding & enjoyable. But if you’re going to spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on something, you better make sure you freakin’ like it!!!

7.) I will never get tired of The Office

You know I had to say it. Because I’m obsessed.

8.) Learn your love language 

Things like love languages & personality tests intrigue me so much! Once you know what you do & don’t like in a relationship, you’ll be able to better communicate with your friends or partner or whoever. I also like knowing my friends & SOs love language so I can better serve them. Some people want gifts, some people just want to be heard. Learn which one you want. 

9.) Make a cry playlist 

It’s ok to cry over spilled wine! Sometimes you just need a good cry & a hot shower & you need the perfect playlist to go along with it. I’ll link mine here. I have almost 5 hours worth of tear music so *you’re welcome.*

10.) Keep a journal

I’ve been journaling since I was about 10 & it’s the best habit I could’ve gotten in. It’s a great way to end my day, just spilling everything. Talk about the good, the bad, the in between. I love to go back & read old entries & be reminded of everything I’ve experienced. 

11.) Go to therapy

I’ll admit it, I use to be the person who thought therapy was only for people with “problems,” but I’ve since learned that we all have problems, some big, some small. Your feelings are valid & deserve to be talked about. 

12.) Quality over quantity when it comes to friends

I can literally count on one hand the amount of close friends I have. I used to be bothered that I didn’t have a ton of friends, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the people I have in my life are amazing, supportive, kind, open-minded, motivated, smart, sweet… I could go on & on. Basically, I’m really blessed to have the best friends ever!!!

13.) Save money 

Finally set up a retirement account! Woohoo to adulthood! But seriously, I’ve heard it’s never too early to start saving for the time in life when dinner at 4pm is the most exciting part of the day. 

14.) Invest in skincare

If you’re going to spend money on one thing, I think it should be skincare. Maybe it’s because I struggled with my skin for so many years, but using the right products can actually make or break (out) your skin. 

15.) Dye your hair

Because it’s cool & if you hate it you can always grow it out! I can confirm that blondes have more fun 😉 

16.) Do yoga

My favorite form of exercise!! I always leave yoga class feeling strong, sweaty & on top of the world. 

17.) Be open to new opportunities

I’ve said yes to getting coffee with so many random people just because I never know what it’s going to lead to! Sometimes it’s nothing more than a free cup of coffee (hey, I’ll take it) but other times it can lead to a great connection, professional or personal!! 

18.) My mom is my best friend

My relationship with my mom is one that I cherish & love. I look up to her in so many ways & she’s my OG supporter. I know she’ll have my back no matter what & I’m so thankful for her!! 

19.) Have a hobby

You have to have something to look forward to after that 9 – 5. This little space is my hobby & whether or not it becomes something more, I enjoy it & actually want to spend time on it. It gives me a sense of purpose & I think everyone needs that to feel fulfilled! 

20.) Find a wine that you love

No one told me how many wine drinking opportunities there would be in adulthood & how often you’d be asked “red or white?” Find a wine that you love & you’re at least a half successful adult. Oh & to answer the question… white. 

21.) Peoples opinions of you often have more to do with themselves, than you

This is something I am still learning, but even more so as I get older. People will judge you, they’ll talk. Some nice, some not so nice. I used to let what people said about me have a huge affect on my mood, but I’ve learned that sometimes people are just having a bad day & decide to take it out on you. Don’t let it get to you. You do you boo!

22.) Just be a nice person & do your best