Chic of the Week

It’s the weekend!

I am so super excited for this week’s Chic of the Week because I’m IN LOVE with these pictures!! I had a photoshoot a couple weeks ago & I have been looking for the perfect time to post these photos & it looks like that time is now. I have also been feeling sick again this week & it’s been super cold so I haven’t been dressing cute.

I recently did a Chic of the Week with this skirt from Buffalo Exchange, but it can be worn with many different things because it’s such a versatile color. I paired it with a white tee & a denim jacket. The t-shirt is from Forever21, per usual. I actually don’t know where I got the booties because I think they were a gift from a couple years ago. But I’ll link a similar pair here. I really like them because they are perfect for dressing up when it’s cooler outside because idk about you guys, but I have a hard time finding cute, comfy winter shoes! I usually live in my slip-ons. The denim jacket is such a staple in my closet, especially this time of year when it’s hot & cold at the same time! I like this one.

These photos were taken by my friend Victor Ren. He is from Vegas & takes super cool pictures! I was actually really nervous about this shoot because I feel awkward in front of the camera sometimes, but he didn’t pressure me to do anything & was super helpful! So if you’re local in Phoenix, hit him uppp. Make sure to check out his Instagram & give him some love. 🙂

Chic of the Week

Helloooo guys!

This week’s Chic of the Week was actually taken in preparation for a Valentine’s outfit post I was going to do, but then I didn’t get to shoot the other looks, so I decided to give you guys outfit deets anyway!

The blouse is from Forever21 & they basically catfished me into getting it because I saw it on their Instagram story or something & was like “wait I need that” so yeah. But it was worth it because it is super cute & colorful & I’ve worn it only a couple of times, but I’ve gotten compliments so that has to mean something right?? The pants are LC Lauren Conrad & I have no feet in this picture so I can’t give you shoe details, but I’m almost 100% positive I was wearing my black mules from Forever21. This is a casual look that could be paired with sneakers or sandals.

This week seemed to go by super quick, but it could be because I’m going up north this weekend to see Jacob & it snowed a bunch so I’m super excited for that! It was cloudy & rainy in Phoenix all week so I got to pretend I lived in Seattle haha!

P.S. I am looking on Amazon for a good suitcase that’s not too expensive & I want white because it looks good, but I feel like it’s just going to get super dirty… so if you have a white, hardcover suitcase, let me know how it works for you…

P.P.S. Jacob took this picture, so can we all just clap for him because I’m going to turn him into an Instagram boyfriend one of these days…

Chic of the Week

Happy Friday!

Today’s Chic of the Week is my attempts at reluctantly transitioning my wardrobe from winter to spring :/ Don’t get me wrong because I love spring, but not quite yet!! It’s only February!

I would look ridiculous if I wore a sweater because it is literally 80 degrees, so I wore a denim jacket over top a simple crop top & paired it with my white high waisted jeans. I chose to wear sandals, but booties would also look good! I also did some simple braids, which is crazyyyy because I normally don’t even touch it, except maybe to spray some dry shampoo because who has time to wash their hair during the week?? Might just have to do a post on this 🙂 Oh, & my choker is from the LC Lauren Conrad collection!

This weekend Jake is coming down for a Valentine’s party & then my roommates & I are going to see the newest 50 Shades of Grey…….

Check back Monday for some Valentine’s Day outfit inspo!

Chic of the Week

Happy Friday! And February! I can’t believe January is already over, but at the same time, it felt like a super long month.

Last week I went to an ice cream pop-up museum in Scottsdale & it was the cutest thing ever! I’ve always wanted to go to the real one in LA so when I saw one in AZ I got super pumped! They give you free ice cream samples as you go around to the different “exhibits” & you can take all the pictures you want.

Obviously I knew I would be taking a bazillion pictures because I paid $25 to get good Instagram content for the year. I actually got the brown corduroy skirt I’m wearing from Buffalo Exchange, which is kinda like a thrift shop where you can take your old clothes & trade them in & stuff. I got super lucky because it’s always a scavenger hunt with places like that, but I’ve been wanting a skirt like this for awhile & it was even my right size! It was meant to be. The sweater is from JCPenny & it’s one of my go-to’s. Unfortunately, I won’t be wearing it much longer because it is literally already hot here in AZ. I am not about it. So I’m sorry if my Chic of the Week’s seem irrelevant to some of you lucky people who are actually in the right season! The shoes are of course my mules from Forever21. Link to them in this post.

Don’t forget to check out my post from Monday for a super cute & easy DIY!

Chic of the Week

Hi all.

As you guys know, I turned 20 on Sunday! My quarter-life crisis has finally hit. (I say that like it’s a good thing? It’s not.) I went to brunch with my roommates at another cute place in Scottsdale. My inner foodie is so excited because I’m knocking off so many places on my food bucket list.

I paired a sheer LC Lauren Conrad peasant top with my denim dress (that has pockets!) & my new pink boots from Charlotte Russe. You can find the link to them here. I was afraid I might look like a pilgrim, but I actually pulled it off! I love when an outfit vision comes together in real life. This look is really popular right now & can be pulled off with anything in your closet! Just pair a peplum or peasant top with a dress or overalls & you’re set! Coming up with new ways to wear things that you already own is so rewarding. You feel like an actual stylist.

I think it might be a bad sign for my 20th year of life, but I ordered over-priced french toast & it was so good, so I got a to-go box & then set it down outside when we were taking pictures & didn’t remember until we had already left! :/ I was so sad. I didn’t think memory loss would hit until later in life, but here I am at 20 years old already forgetting things.

Chic of the Week

Happy Friday!

This week’s Chic of the Week is super casual & perfect for errands or a casual day with friends. I didn’t even need makeup to finish this look! I went to a new restaurant & got my nails done with my roommates on Monday since we didn’t have school. If you’re ever in Scottsdale, I definitely recommend Farm & Craft! It was so delicious & they offer a lot of great vegetarian/vegan options, which I love because that can be hard to find.

The top is a black turtleneck from who-knows-where. I actually got it from my grandma (proof that I’m 20 going on 60) because she practically had one in every color of the rainbow! I get a lot  of questions about it though, so who’s the real winner here… 😉 The pants are LC Lauren Conrad & the shoes are from Forever21. I talked about them in last week’s post as well. I got the sunglasses awhile ago when aviators were really in. (Are they still?)

I’ll be spending the rest of my weekend in bed recovering from the flu :/ not how I wanted to spend my 20th birthday!! But this year is all about being positive, so I’m going to make the most of it & plan something really epic for when I feel better!

P.S. I don’t really love wine, but I love pizza.


Chic of the Week

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I cerebrated my 20th BIRTHDAY with some of my friends & let me just say… I feel old. JK. But still, it’s kinda crazy to think about… like TWENTY??!!

All of that intro is to say, I had to have a cool outfit for the party so I pulled out a new piece that I got a few months ago on one of my various late-night online shopping sprees. Thankfully, I chose to go to Forever21 so the damage wasn’t horrible. But still. Did I need the stuff? No.

The velvet bodysuit is from Forever21 in a size small, but I definitely could’ve been better off with an XS. I’ve noticed their bodysuits run pretty big, so I would always size down at least a size. Also, you can’t wear a bra with it… so keep that in mind my ladies…. The denim skirt and shoes are also from Forever21. I got the skirt awhile back, but you can find details on the shoes here. I got the leather jacket as a gift a few years ago when they were really popular, but it’s perfect for throwing over my shoulder for a night out!

Don’t forget to check out my post from Monday that talks about my resolutions for the year 🙂 I’m a week in & so far, so good…


Chic of the Week

GUYS!! Christmas is in 2 days!! I’m so excited. My family always has a huge brunch on Christmas morning & then we spend all day opening presents (which I don’t love, but I’m not going to complain because bah-humbug) & then I usually get to spend some time with Jacob & his family & give & receive even more. But even though I love the food & the gifts & the time with family, I also take a step back & remember the true reason for the season: Jesus. Without Him, I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today. I’m not going to get preachy or anything, but He’s pretty awesome, so don’t forget to take time out of all the festivities to count your blessings.

Alright, now for the real reason for this post: my Chic of the Week. The top is a brand called Joe Fresh & I got it a long time ago, but I wear it all the time & I’m telling you now, invest in a white sweater. You’ll wear it all the time. The pants are LC Lauren Conrad (you guys can probably tell by now, but I have like, 3 pairs of pants). But my favorite part of this look is the shoes. I got them last week at Charlotte Russe because I walked past the store & saw they were having a half off sale, & then I saw the boots & had to get them. Even though they are pink, they’re a very versatile color & style. I will link them here, because you need them.

If you are still busy getting your gifts together, check out my gift guide post & wrapping theme post.

Have a Merry Christmas!!

P.S. I was freezing in these pics

Chic of the Week

Happy Friday!

First of all, I am officially done with my first semester of sophomore year! It’s honestly going by so fast & I don’t know how to feel about it. I spent all day yesterday just relaxing & I’m already bored… but I have some fun things planned for this month & I’d rather be bored than have five deadlines!!

This week’s outfit of the week was taken when I was home for Thanksgiving. I paired my LC Lauren Conrad jeans (featured in last week’s Chic of the Week) with a top from Aéropostale that I got when I was probably 12, but it still fits. I put my grey cardigan from Forever21 overtop of it all to make the look more winter-weather appropriate. I’m wearing one of my favorite pair of shoes, my black mules from Forever21.

If you’re still prepping for finals, check out my post from Monday!

Chic of the Week

Happy December!

I’m glad it’s finally considered socially acceptable to watch Christmas movies in front of the tree with hot chocolate because that’s what I’ll be doing all weekend! I have finals next week & should probably study, but I have all of Monday to do that… I’m planning a post for Monday all about how to get through finals week so make sure to check back!

As for my outfit, this is what I wore to Friendsgiving this year. I got the top last year at an end of season sale, but it’s from the LC Lauren Conrad collection. It is so pretty & not too hot, so it’s perfect for this winter!! I paired it with my LC Lauren Conrad jeans & nude booties that I wear with absolutely everything.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my post from earlier this week where I give a little life update 🙂