Phoenix Fashion Week

Hey guys!! 

I wanted to tell you guys about Phoenix Fashion Week! It was this weekend & I am so, so lucky to have the opportunities that I do! A couple of years ago I could’ve never imagined sitting (almost) front row at a big fashion show & walking the red carpet & interacting & connecting with designers, models & influencers! But here I am 🙂 

So for starters, I felt reallllyy out of place. I do not own one designer thing. And honestly, I’m okay with that! It’s not really my style. But I showed up in my Target pants & Madewell top & acted like I knew what I was doing, but in all reality I was a little intimidated! I had been to Fashion Week before here in AZ, but I went in the spring & I went with someone who was already involved in the fashion industry in Phoenix, so I didn’t have to try that hard to network. 

The fashion show itself was amazing though! They always feature a lot of up & coming designers which I think is really unique. The clothes were also not thattt outlandish. One of the designers is only 20!! I can’t imagine having a successful clothing line right now, let alone having my designs featured in a show. But it was really inspiring & I left feeling more comfortable than when I arrived. I would highly recommend going to a fashion show (even a small one) if you’re interested because fashion is honestly it’s very own culture. But everyone is super creative & hardworking, which I loveee. 

This event was just another reminder to me that I am so happy & lucky that I get to do these kinds of things! And another reminder that hard work really does pay off!!

with love,