A Letter to my Freshman Year Dorm Room

Going off to college comes with a lot of changes & excitement, one of which is choosing a dorm room & contacting your future roommate; both of which will become your life for the next 9 months. I remember staying up late one night looking at the dorm floor plan trying to figure out which room would give me the best view & have the quickest access to the laundry room. Little did I know that room would be more than a place to sleep; it would be my home & become a room full of memories. So in honor of 1270 & all that it went through, here is a letter to my freshman year dorm room:

I remember move-in day like it was yesterday; we pulled up in front of the dorms & upperclassmen began unloading our car full of all my belongings. Music was playing & people were running around everywhere holding doors & offering bottled water since it was August in Arizona. The movers placed my stuff in a cart & we wheeled inside & waited in line with all the other freshman waiting to meet their roommate & see their room for the first time. We made it to the 12th floor & I wandered the hall looking for you, until I found you; wide open & empty, just waiting for my inner interior designer to come in & brighten up your walls. My family spent all day organizing furniture & plastering your walls with bible verses, inspirational quotes & pictures.

Eventually the excitement of move-in day & the first week of classes subsided & you started to feel more like home. You became my favorite study spot; the cozy perch right by the window was my favorite, with a view of Phoenix. As I started making friends, I invited them over to study or watch Netflix.

You saw me at my worst & didn’t judge me for it. You saw me stress eat an entire pint of ice cream & cry myself to sleep after multiple failed math tests. You saw me come back after a night out looking like a hot mess & didn’t yell at me when I fell asleep without taking my makeup off. You were there for those all nighters when flash cards covered every inch of your space. You watched as my roommate & I struggled through statistics homework, & were there when we passed grammar & cried with excitement. You were the best place for a venting session with friends. You watched my boyfriend & I down an entire pizza & watch movies all night; you also saw every hard good-bye we had to say.

I laughed, I cried, I whined… you were there for it all. And you’ll be there for the people after me, & those after that. You’ll see many more tears, but you’ll also be there for the good times & a gathering place for study & social hour. You became home to me, & you’ll be a home to many others too. My hope is that they will come to love you & cherish time spent in your presence as much as I did.