“Dear High School Seniors,”

Dear High School Seniors,

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for since you stepped foot on campus freshman year & saw the “grown up seniors”. You’re now one of them. Those “grown-ups”. And if you’re anything like me you’re probably kind of clueless as to how to adult. I’m not going to tell you how, because I’m still learning myself. But I am going to tell you that you need to enjoy these last few weeks as a high schooler, because you will never get them back.

Stay involved. I know you have senioritis; it’s a real thing. But as much as you want to stay away from all the annoying people at school & just get out of this town, don’t rush it. You’ll be on to bigger & better things soon enough & I promise there will be times when you miss the familiarity of high school. So cling to that feeling, but don’t get used to it.

Spend time with your mom. She loves you so much & she’s going to miss you. She has been there for you from the very beginning so thank her for all that she’s done. Appreciate her smile & her home cooked meals while you have it. Also, respect your parents. They have done so much to help guide you to this point, so say thanks once in awhile.

Hang out with your friends. They are your people & you won’t see them every day when you move away. By the end of high school my group of friends was really tired of each other because we had been together practically every day for four years. You will get tired of them, but you will miss them. Make memories that you can talk about later & love them even on the days you can’t stand them.

Say thanks to your favorite teachers. They saw you at your worst (awkward freshman year. Tell me why I wore a skort with Ugg boots??) up to now. They don’t get respected like they should. So just be nice.

Get a job this summer. You will need money in college. Uber is expensive.

Don’t make dorm shopping a chore. Meaning, don’t go on Pinterest & find a, “What you really need in College” shopping list because chances are, you won’t really need that ironing board. But you will need a Keurig. Get a Keurig.

Enjoy your free time. And sleep. It is impossible (speaking from experience) to get 8 hours of sleep & also be social, do homework, eat, shower, work out & still get a 4.0 in college.

Don’t hate on high school. While it may not have been the “best 4 years of your life” it was also not the worst. It gave you some lifelong friends. It didn’t prepare you for college, but it was fun. Enjoy being an upperclassman because soon you’ll be the newbie again & it sucks.

Last, but not least, enjoy every moment as much as possible. Go to baccalaureate; go to the after graduation party. Hang out with your friends, but say thanks to your mom more. Work hard & save up money, but also stay in bed all day with your dog. Pack for college, but don’t spend too much time worrying about it because you have the next four years to do that. For now, enjoy the past four years & all that it gave you, because you can never go back.

With love,

a College Sophomore

A Letter to my Freshman Year Dorm Room

Going off to college comes with a lot of changes & excitement, one of which is choosing a dorm room & contacting your future roommate; both of which will become your life for the next 9 months. I remember staying up late one night looking at the dorm floor plan trying to figure out which room would give me the best view & have the quickest access to the laundry room. Little did I know that room would be more than a place to sleep; it would be my home & become a room full of memories. So in honor of 1270 & all that it went through, here is a letter to my freshman year dorm room:

I remember move-in day like it was yesterday; we pulled up in front of the dorms & upperclassmen began unloading our car full of all my belongings. Music was playing & people were running around everywhere holding doors & offering bottled water since it was August in Arizona. The movers placed my stuff in a cart & we wheeled inside & waited in line with all the other freshman waiting to meet their roommate & see their room for the first time. We made it to the 12th floor & I wandered the hall looking for you, until I found you; wide open & empty, just waiting for my inner interior designer to come in & brighten up your walls. My family spent all day organizing furniture & plastering your walls with bible verses, inspirational quotes & pictures.

Eventually the excitement of move-in day & the first week of classes subsided & you started to feel more like home. You became my favorite study spot; the cozy perch right by the window was my favorite, with a view of Phoenix. As I started making friends, I invited them over to study or watch Netflix.

You saw me at my worst & didn’t judge me for it. You saw me stress eat an entire pint of ice cream & cry myself to sleep after multiple failed math tests. You saw me come back after a night out looking like a hot mess & didn’t yell at me when I fell asleep without taking my makeup off. You were there for those all nighters when flash cards covered every inch of your space. You watched as my roommate & I struggled through statistics homework, & were there when we passed grammar & cried with excitement. You were the best place for a venting session with friends. You watched my boyfriend & I down an entire pizza & watch movies all night; you also saw every hard good-bye we had to say.

I laughed, I cried, I whined… you were there for it all. And you’ll be there for the people after me, & those after that. You’ll see many more tears, but you’ll also be there for the good times & a gathering place for study & social hour. You became home to me, & you’ll be a home to many others too. My hope is that they will come to love you & cherish time spent in your presence as much as I did.