Outfit of the Week

Hi happy Friday evening 🙂

I’m sharing one of my favorite Fabletics outfits again this week because if you’re anything like me, you’ve been going on a lot of quarantine walks & want to look doing it! Or even just sitting around the house, it’s nice to wear something other than pjs. This all white set is perfect for summer too! It brings out the tannn. I also like the sports bra because of the length, so it can pass for a crop tank too. Both the bra & capris are sold out in white or only have one size left, but I linked the same pieces because this set is offered in many colors!!

The stay at home order isn’t in place in Arizona anymore! It’s nice to know I can start to get back to my normal routine, but I’m still working from home & trying to social distance. Planning on laying out a lot & going for morning walks until things get a little more back to normal…

Mila Medium Impact Sports Bra | Mila High-Waisted Pocket Capri

*Sponsored by Fabletics

Outfit of the Week + 12 Things!

Hiii guys!

It’s been SO Long since I’ve made a post on here. I didn’t go MIA on purpose, but life just got really busy & weird & I stopped making time to write. But I decided to start back up with an outfit of the week (cozy quarantine edition) & also fill you all in on my life! A lot has happened in these past couple months!

I got the cutest pink lounge set from Fabletics for my April order & I’m obsessed. Not only is the color so on brand for me & literally matches everything in my apartment, but it’s so cozy & cute. It’s also part of their eco-friendly collection & is made with a company that transforms recycled plastic bottles into fiber! I have been wanting to buy cute lounge sets to make myself feel a little more put together while working from home, & this set is perfect. I also like the sleeves because I like to keep my place cold during the day. Only way I don’t take a bunch of naps! I’ve linked the set down below! It is true to size & I ordered an XS.

Okay so life update!

12 Things

  1. I realized the last time I posted was after my girl’s trip to Chicago! I went to New Orleans for senior year spring break back in March & will have a travel post up soon with all the things to see + do.
  2. I graduate from college on Monday 😦 It is so bittersweet. I’m sad about not having a traditional graduation, but my friends & I are going to make it fun. Graduating college is a HUGE deal & I honestly never thought I’d make it this far hahah #ForksUpForever
  3. I’ve been getting a lot of collaborations on Instagram & it’s so fun! Another reason I’ve neglected writing is because Instagram has been poppin’ off! But I realized that writing is my real passion & the reason my Instagram has grown. Can’t forget where you came from!
  4. I got a dream collab with Mapiful! They make the cutest personalized maps & they are the perfect home décor piece. I ordered one when I moved into my apartment & just got one for my brother with his college town. They make the perfect gift too! Just in time for Mother’s Day. P.S. NOT an ad BUT they are having a deal on their site for 50% off the second print…
  5. Speaking of social I am OBSESSED with Tik Tok. My screen time for Tik Tok alone is probably 5 hours a day lol growing up as a dancer, I really appreciate the dances & have so much fun making them. They are a lot of hard work though!!
  6. I’ve been exercising outside more since my gym is closed & I love it! Since being in college & living in a city, I’ve become more of a treadmill runner & gym user, but I forgot how much I love running outside & enjoying nature. There is something so peaceful about it! So much less pressure & no gymtimidation being outside. Even when my gym opens back up, I’m probably going to try to still take walks outside.
  7. I’ve been doing more reading recently now that I have time & have been stuck at home & I highly recommend getting a Kindle! It’s so convenient & easy to get a bunch of different titles & keep them until you’re ready to read.
  8. I’ve also been watching SO much Netflix. A couple things I recommend: New Girl ( I am almost done watching it for the second time all the way through), Narcos, comedy shows & The Morning Show (on Apple TV but still super good & entertaining!)
  9. My best friend moved to Seattle to start a new job & I’m so sad! But it’s been fun to start new traditions & we still talk all the time but I miss having her around!
  10. A product I’ve been loving recently is the Isle of Paradise self tanning drops! I was hesitant to get them because they’re kinda pricey, but the bottle lasts a long time & works really well. I haven’t been wearing makeup a lot since being at home so the drops give my face some color & glow.
  11. Working from home has been such an adjustment & honestly a really great thing for me. I’ve always dreamed of blogging full-time & (someday) being a stay-at-home mom, but I’ve learned that I do actually need social interaction & might not be as introverted as I think I am! I miss going out on Friday nights, Target trips, dinner with friends, brunch with my mom & generally just being out & about!
  12. I made a green smoothie for the first time yesterday because I just wanted to see what all the hype is about & because hot girl summer is NOT canceled & I’d have to say… I’ll stick with my smoothie bowls & salad on the side please hahah if you have a great green smoothie recipe, please send it my way! Trying to perfect the juice.

That’s it for now! It feels so good to be writing again & I’m going to start posting more regularly so be on the lookout for some content.

Consciously Cute 2-Piece Outfit

*Sponsored by Fabletics


Outfit of the Week

Hi! Happy Valentines Day ❤

I’m back with some more fashion content! Yes, the pic has a Santa hat in it because I took this pic wayyy back during the holidays, but obviously never got around to posting it. But the outfit is still cute & relevant because it’s chilly out! 

I have been living in turtlenecks & comfy pants this season. I’ve been working a lot more so I’ve had to get creative with my business casual. Fun pants are my favorite way to dress up a look. These ones are from the store Q, so I can’t link the exact pair, but I linked something similar. A black turtleneck is a winter closet staple in my opinion because it can be dressed up or down & you know I love that. The shoes are from Forever21 forever ago 😉 but I linked a pair kinda like them. 

I’m headed to Chicago to celebrate this 3 day weekend & I’m so excited! It’s going to be so cold, but I’ll try to get some cute outfit content. And be on the lookout for a trip recap in a couple of weeks!

Ribbed Turtleneck Top | Pleated Pants | Leather Slip-On Loafers

Chic of the Week

Hi good morning! Happy Friday! 

I took this pic the other day after coming home from work because 1) I knew I would need an ootw & 2) I was excited to share these cute pieces! My mom came down a couple weekends ago & we did a little shopping at Nordstrom Rack! They were having their red tag sale so sale pieces were on extra clearance! I literally got a skirt for $6. But I also got this cutie top! The pants are so cute & comfy & perfect for business casual, but also a fun weekend! The sandals are from Target & definitely my most worn shoes. 

It’s been cool & rainy in Phoenix this week & I’m absolutely loving it!! Anytime it rains here I seriously get a case of fomo & want to move to Seattle immediately. I currently have my PNW forest candle lit & I’m wearing a cozy sweater feeling allll the winter vibes!

Zip Back Polka-Dot Peplum Top | Take Me Away Pants | Michaela Mid Block Heel Pump Sandals

Chic of the Week

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

This week’s outfit is from another photoshoot that I did a couple of weeks ago! These photos make me cold just looking at them haha we really captured the winter vibes.

Believe it or not though, the flannel is NOT mine. I had to scramble the night before the shoot, texting all my friends if they had a flannel I could borrow hahah I found one eventually & it turned out really cute! I just wouldn’t consider flannels my style & that’s why I don’t have one, but they are a staple so I should probably invest in a cute one. The pants are thrifted Levi’s, & the booties are some of my favorite this time of year. The beanie is also super old, but I’ll link something similar because it’s cozy & warm! 

I’m spending this weekend with my mommy & I couldn’t be more excited! We’re going to drink lots of wine, go to the farmers market &… decorate for Christmas!! I can’t wait any longer to put up my tree. I actually went to a bar last night that was all decorated so I decided it’s officially time!! 

Femme Cable Knit Beanie | Urban Renewal Recycled Oversized Flannel |Cotton T-ShirtCropped Stretch Women’s Jeans | Avalyn Laser Cut Bootie

*Photos by Tyler Rittenhouse, @tritt_visuals.

Chic of the Week

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

This week’s outfit of the week is so cute & comfy! It’s from one of my favorite online shops Luca & Grae. They mentioned me in their Instagram story with a link to shop sweaters & I’m kinda fangirling!! I bought this outfit because 1) I don’t have nearly enough sweaters & 2) I can wear it on vacay (like here) or to work! We love versatile pieces! They already sold out of the exact sweater I’m wearing, but I linked a really similar one that I’ve been eyeing!

Now that it’s November 1st, you know what that means… Merry Christmas!! I am so excited for this season. I truly feel like it’s the happiest time of the year! It’s finally cooling off in Phoenix, just in time for me to put up my tree lol I’ve been listening to Justin Bieber’s Christmas album all day & drinking HOT coffee. Next up: my Christmas wish list. Because so far all I have on it is a nice knife set 🙂 hahah am I doing this whole adult thing right?!

Take Me Away Pants | Cool & Calm Lavender Sweater | Remmy Backless Loafers


Chic of the Week

Hi guys! Happy Friday 🙂 

I am excited to have some content other than a Fabletics outfit to share! I love sharing cute workout sets, but now that it’s fall, I’m ready to share some warm, cozy outfits. 

I had a photoshoot a couple of weekends ago & got some awesome photos! We went to a field in the middle of Gilbert, AZ & took these shots. It’s truly crazy what you can capture when you take good photos. It was about 90 degrees when these were taken, but you’d think it was a crisp, fall day!! 

The top is from Forever21! I think it comes in other colors, but I am digging the burnt orange look for this season. It’s warm & makes a cute oversized sweater, or you can tuck it in front, for a more polished look. I can’t wait to wear this to work & class when it’s actually cold! I looked online to link it, but I literally couldn’t find the same one I have, so I linked something similar. The jeans are so old, but I linked a similar pair. I’ve actually been on the search for a new pair of black jeans because these ones are low rise & I just CAN’T. So uncomfy. The shoes are from Urban Outfitters & they are the perfect black bootie.

I just got back from a fall trip to Durango, Colorado so be on the lookout for a little travel guide! I got a couple of days off of school for fall break, so my parents & I took a little trip up north to experience fall. It was lovely! Now I’m back to the grind, but feeling refreshed & inspired. 

Ribbed Chenille Sweater | Wedgie Fit Straight Jeans | UO Zoe Chelsea Boot | Wide-Brim Straw Hat

*Photos by Tyler Rittenhouse, @tritt_visuals

Chic of the Week

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

I have another Fabletics outfit to share today! This is my September outfit & it’s one of my favs. Too cute & comfy. I just ordered another one for October & it’s blush pink & I’m too excited! You can never have too many cute gym outfits. Speaking of the gym, I went to yoga this morning & it felt amazing! I truly feel so good from the inside out when I take the time to go. It motivates me, calms me down & reminds me that I can do hard things. This is your little reminder to get moving, whatever that might be for you 🙂 

I’m headed to Phoenix Fashion Week this evening & I’m so excited! We don’t have much of a fashion scene here in AZ, but this event brings together all the bloggers & fashionistas & it’s a great time haha I’ll try to get an outfit pic there so I can share deets next week. I also have a photoshoot this weekend so more content coming your way!! Yay!

Endurance 2-Piece Outfit

Chic of the Week

Hi guys! Happy Friday 🙂 

Last weekend I went to a rooftop bar in downtown Phoenix! It was so bouji hahah but the view was amazing & the drinks were good too. I also went to Forever21 last weekend to shop their bankruptcy sale! I don’t think that’s what they’re calling it, but everyone knows… I’m at this weird stage in life where I feel like I should be buying practical, modest clothes for the workplace, but alsooooo I need stuff to wear out on the weekends! Forever21 has cute lil tops that are good to wear out, so I got a few new ones that I’m excited about!

The top is from Forever21 & the perfect color for fall, but also a good style for summer. The pants are from Tilly’s & literally the only pair of jeans I will wear anymore hahah. The sandals are from Target! I wear the pants & shoes at least three times a week. I know what I like! 

This morning I spent some time thinking up new blog post ideas. I have been feeling a little uninspired & unfulfilled with my writing. I started this blog so I could share my thoughts on life, but also to provide value to people. I don’t want to treat this blog like a diary, but I also want to talk about some of the issues I face because I think it will help people feel not so alone! BUT I also want to share outfits, my vegan life, college stuff… It can be hard not to get creative burnout, but I’m feeling better & working on producing content that makes me happy & fulfilled, but is also entertaining & inspiring. Just a lil update 🙂 

Off-the-Shoulder Smocked TopHigh Waisted Straight Leg JeansAnkle Strap Sandal

Chic of the Week

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

Another mirror selfie today because ya girl has not had time to go out & take pics recently! BUT now that I actually have a full length mirror in a good location, mirror selfies are becoming the new norm. I was shooting a fall campaign this week & put together this little number & it actually turned out cute! I was dying sweating in the teddy coat, but worth it because the pics turned out!!

Teddy bear coats are SO in this fall & so comfy. I can’t wait until I can actually wear it all the time. This mind sound crazy, but it’s dipped below 100 degrees in Phoenix & everyone is so excited about it hahah but it’s a sure sign that fall is coming & I’m here for it! Anyway, I found the coat at Nordstrom Rack a couple of years back, but I’ll link a similar one because you need one in your life!! The top is my favorite white tee from Zara, & the pants are LC Lauren Conrad.

Feel Good High-Waisted Mom Jeans| Cuff Sleeve T-Shirt| Coffee Shop Faux Shearling Coat