Pink Hot Chocolate

As you probably already guessed, this was a Pinterest idea 🙂 When I was home for Christmas I was looking for new things to try in the kitchen & this one actually turned out. It is super easy to make & aesthetically pleasing, which counts for a lot in my opinion. It would be perfect for Galentines day 😉

Ingredients: White chocolate hot cocoa mix

Red food coloring

Milk or water

Whip cream & sprinkles (optional)

Prep time: 5 min.

Serves: 1

In a mug, pour in 2 tablespoons of white hot cocoa mix. In a separate mug or bowl, heat up water or milk (depending on how creamy you want it) for about 2 1/2 minutes. Pour hot liquid into cocoa mix mug & stir. Put in about 2 drops or red food coloring to get the pink color. Finish off with whip cream & sprinkles.

I’m going to admit that it wasn’t as flavorful as regular hot chocolate, but it still tasted good & was super cute. If you can’t find white hot cocoa mix, you can make it from scratch following this recipe.

What is your go-to winter drink? Let me know in the comments or on social media!