Weekend Bag Essentials

I know I have so many posts talking about essentials, but I love to read about the newest seasonal beauty products, or tips for make bag packing quicker, so I thought y’all probably do to. And I’ve got vacation on my mind so I’ve decided to dedicate a few posts to talking about staycations.

As much as I love traveling to new places, there’s something fun about exploring your own state & finding new things to do. Scottsdale has become one of my favorite destinations for a weekend get-away. From Old Town Scottsdale with art galleries & cute shops, to the hub of up-scale malls, there is always something to do.

But I will have to admit my favorite part of staycations is the packing. It’s so much easier to pack for 3 days than 3 weeks! Just throw in a bathing suit & sun hat & you’re set. Below, I’ve outlined the items I can’t live without on any given weekend away:

  • Bathing Suit
  • Hat
  • Tinted Moisturizer
  • Magazine/Book
  • Clutch

I hope this helps y’all when packing! Let me know what essentials you pack in your weekend bag in the comments or on social media! 



Staycation Recap

Today is the Monday-est Monday ever, if that’s even a thing! I’m still in vacation mode. But speaking of vacation, below are some pictures from my stay at Scottsdale Camelback Resort this weekend. I planned on taking the time to shoot more, but I honestly got so caught up in actually being present, that I forgot all about it. I think it’s important to take time to relax & not focus on work, & vacation is the perfect time to do that.

Possibly the best part of the whole weekend… the Cupcake ATM! I got a carrot cake cupcake & wow, devine. 10/10 would recommend making a stop if you’re ever in Scottsdale!
I got to catch up with a college friend! Long distance friendships are hard. 
I spent most of my time lying poolside trying not to burn! And also catching up on Vogue.  









I wish I had more to share, but honestly it felt good to not be so focused on finding the next ‘grammable thing & just be able to relax. Keep an eye out for more pics of my whereabouts…